Future Grafix values it’s partnerships within our community. We like to get behind organisations whose ethos and values align with ours, and whose projects we can really get excited about. That way, the relationship we have with an entity becomes more then just financial sponsorship. It becomes a partnership where we can get involved in other ways, providing an extra level of support. Future Grafix are proud to be partnered with every entity we sponsor.

Sponsorships - Taranaki Mountainairs

Taranaki Airs – Sponsor & Sign Partner

At Future Grafix we love our basketball and while we are very excited about getting behind the Taranaki Airs, the decision to join forces with the Club was about way more than basketball. The Airs considerable involvement in the community, including the Airs in schools programme and their recent acquisition of The Lab, aligns closely with the values we hold at Future Grafix. Our community is super important to us, and we are excited about this new partnership.

The Future Grafix team look forward to a long partnership and wish the Airs a very successful season. And, to the fans – we look forward to seeing you at the next home game!

Wolverines Touch – Code Sponsor

Wolverines Touch – Code Sponsor

Wolverines Sport is a community organisation based in New Plymouth that was born from a dedicated group of parents with a shared desire to see their young children participating in sport. Their aim is to offer sporting opportunities across different codes for children of all ages and abilities. By getting children involved in sports early they get time to grow and develop their skills. Participation in sports allows kids to make lasting friendships, develop better communication skills, feel a sense of community and learn to respect teammates and coaches.

Future Grafix is proud to be the Code Sponsor for Wolverines Touch Rugby. Our financial support helps with uniforms and operating expenses allowing 15+ teams to participate in New Plymouth City Touch modules.

Sandesh Child Sponsor

Meet Sandesh – Our Sponsor Child

That’s right – Future Grafix has our very own sponsor child!

When a child’s most basic needs are met, they have the best opportunity for success. By providing them with access to clean water, healthy food and education, opportunity is unlocked and children become empowered to take charge of their lives. We believe this is the right of every child, so in 2018 we made the decision to support a sponsor child.

Sandesh and his family are the victims of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. They lost their house and cowshed. His father died a few years earlier while having medical treatment in Hospital. The family lives in a temporary shed made up of tin, bamboo, wood and mud. Sandesh’s mum works as a maid for 2 different households to support him and his 2 sisters.
He loves playing football and he helps fetch water and do other chores around the house. His favourite subjects at school are Science and Social Studies.

When selecting an organisation to go through for child sponsorship, it was important to us to select an organisation that saw 100% of the sponsored money go directly to the need. So many of the organisations that are household names take a percentage of the donated money to cover overheads. International Needs is a volunteer-run organization doing amazing work all over the world. The child sponsorship programme ensures that all money donated goes towards the needs of the sponsor child.

Find out more here

Gabbys Starlit Hope

Gabby’s Starlit Hope

Gabby was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing Sarcoma in February 2013. Her tumour was the size of her entire left chest wall and had deflated her lung. She completed an aggressive treatment regime that included 18 rounds of chemotherapy and 33 days of radiation followed by a major 11-hour surgery to remove the remaining tumour including 1/4 lung and three ribs and as a result of this operation has scoliosis (bend of the spine).

During all these treatments Gabby realised how boring the hospital was for kids and she decided to give back. Her idea for Starlit HOPE began in early 2014 by providing random acts of kindness to oncology kids, their parents and sometimes the staff too. Gabby performed over 1000 ‘Starlit HOPE’ Random Acts of Kindness.

Sadly Gabby gained her angel wings on the 15th of May 2015 but her family are dedicated to continuing Gabby’s Starlit HOPE legacy.

Future Grafix chose to honour Gabby’s selflessness and celebrate the joy she gave to others by supporting Gabby’s Starlit hope through free printing and signage and discounts on our other services.

Valuing Partnerships Within Our Community

We like to get behind organisations whose ethos and values align with ours.