Signs are one of the most important and effective communication tools for any business. They are also one of the most cost-effective.

An important consideration is how you plan to use signage, and a creative, attractive sign can help your business stand apart from the competition. Remember your potential customers are more likely to purchase from a business they have already heard of, so a good sign plants the seed for future sales!​

We will ensure you get the time-tested basics right – signs are, after all, one of the oldest forms of marketing. A good sign should clearly display where you are doing business and tell the reader what it is you do. At the same time, almost every sign sends the subliminal message about how you do business – a dirty, poorly designed sign will simply not do your business the justice it deserves.


Simple and elegant or loud and good fun – in one split second your sign sets the tone for the person passing by. Trust us to make sure your signs are symbols of success – both yours and your customers.

So, whatever the sign you are after – vehicle signage or buildings, 3D, pylons, magnetic, post ‘n’ panel, illuminated, whiteboards, blackboards, footpath signs, window frosting and graphics, site boards, billboards, temporary & permanent…. Relax, we’ve got it covered.


Sign Panels

A Sign panel is by definition a board carrying a sign or notice. This is the most common type of sign, and we classify sign panels in 2 ways. Temporary or permanent.



Vinyl adhesive decals or labels are a fantastic universal product. They can be cad cut (meaning the background is removed leaving only the design) or printed onto white or clear vinyl. Decals can be supplied in any size and shape and can be fitted to many different surfaces.


Vehicle Signage & Wraps

Without a doubt, vehicle signage is one of the most cost-effective and dynamic advertising solutions in the market.

building signage

Building & Architectural Signage

With countless options available, our team can provide a cohesive and detailed exterior building sign solution to any style of building, on any type of cladding. Achieving a professional and inviting environment to any business. From 3D router cut signage to painted graphics, illuminated signage and ACM facades, we have all your building sign needs covered.



Also known as Directional Signage, Wayfinding signs help navigate visitors around your site, directing them via a preferred route. They are best placed in areas where people gather or at intersections where decisions need to be made. Our team have provided signage for many schools and offices, as well as museums, libraries and shopping malls.

plinth, pylon and pole signs

Plinth, Pylon & Pole Signs

Plinth or monument signs are the perfect way to advertise your business to passing traffic. Some sites require more than a sign attached to your building. Plinth signs, pole signs or post n panel signs can provide an eye-catching solution, suitable for a range of environments. Our fabrication team can manufacture and install a plinth sign any size to suit your site and requirements.

interiors - floors, walls and windows

Interiors, Floors, Walls & Windows

Interior signage can make a big impact on your space whether you want to bring some life to a drab wall, communicate a message on the floor or get creative with glazing manifestation markings and awesome 3D reception and counter signs. There are many ways you can bring the wow factor to your interior spaces.



Our team have been working in the Museum and Art Gallery scene for more than 15 years. Undertaking everything from furniture, to custom printed wall murals, 3D lettering, exhibition display panels, floor graphics, replica’s, aged signs and entire wall systems, and more. Have a look at some of our museum work on our project gallery – Thompson’s Hut, Kokako or Bugs.

illuminated signs

Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs (often referred to as lightboxes or channel letters) work around the clock to improve your brand’s visibility. The introduction of LED’s have made illuminated signage a cost effective and attractive proposition for many businesses. These energy-efficient signs are ideal all types of outdoor messaging such as building signage and pylon sings. We can also provide a wide range of illuminated sign solutions for interiors as well. We have invested heavily into machinery and training to ensure that our team is always up-to-date with the latest trends in this space.



With a range of printing and finishing options, we can provide billboard prints (or skins) and billboard systems to meet your individual requirements. With our partnerships with digital hardware providers, we can also provide and install the latest digital billboard technology as well. Billboards advertising is great way to get your message in front of thousands of people.

consult and project management

Consult & Project Management

With more than 20 years of experience as an award-winning industry leading sign company, our team is often engaged to consult, complete structural sign design and manage local, regional and national projects. Our sign consultancy and project management services are available for design agencies, architects, interior designers, brand managers and anyone else wanting advise on large sign projects.



Our sign team are trained 3M applicators and hold many unit standards from Hazard Identification to Working at Heights. With years of combined experience, we can tackle almost any task with confidence, giving our clients the peace of mind that the right people are on the job.

Check out the Toys

Stand Alone Vinyl Plotters

Summa Vinyl Cad Cutter Sign Making

Stand Alone Vinyl Plotters

You’ll find one of these, or something similar in every sign shop in the country. Future Grafix have invested in top-of-the-line vinyl plotters so you can be sure you’re getting the best quality, most accurate cad cut vinyl graphics available.

Wide Format Latex Printer

HP Latex L360 L570 Wide Format Printer Sign Making

Wide Format Latex Printer

We believe in providing our clients with environmentally sound solutions wherever possible which is why we have invested in the latest HP Latex print technology. No harmful chemicals or out-gassing occur with our prints, and what is more, they are ready to install hot off the press!

UV Flatbed Printer

Fujifilm Acuity Flatbed UV Printer Sign Printing

UV Flatbed Printer

These machines have revolutionised the sign industry. With acrylic inks cured by strong UV light this process allows for printing direct onto may hard substrates from coreflute and ACM to more unique products such as aluminium, plywood, plastics, and glass.

CNC Flatbed Router

CNC ATC Router 3D Dimensional Letters Sign Making

CNC Flatbed Router

Our CNC Router will cut through a wide range of materials with ease and the auto tool changing system means we can produce some very technical signs using multiple tools at a time. The machine is so versatile we can process almost anything in house from 3D lettering to ACM cladding for plinths.

Laser Cutter


Laser Cutter

The introduction of our laser has provided more opportunities for our clients to stand out. WE can now cut and engrave the finest details using acrylic and wood products. From 3D signage, door, and desk plaques, to trophies and awards the possibilities are endless.


Sign Fabrication Aluminium Stainless Steel Welding Manufacturing Engineering Workshop


Our in-house sign manufacturing service can produce anything from aluminium lightboxes, pole signs, menu boards, sign brackets, fascia’s, 3D signs and more. Because these services are provided in house, we remove the middle man from the process so you can be sure of a quality finish and value for money.

Expert Application and Installation Services

Sign Installation Services Working at Heights EWP Knuckle Boom

Expert Application and Installation Services

Our sign team are trained 3M applicators and hold many unit standards from Hazard Identification to Working at Heights. With years of combined experience, we can tackle almost any task with confidence, giving our clients the peace of mind that the right people are on the job.

Channel Letter Machine

Channel Letter Bender Sign Making Manufacturing Dimensional Letters Signs

Channel Letter Machine

Channel letters are individually made letters and shapes and can be painted and illuminated to provide the perfect 3D signage option for your business. Made from aluminium and plastics, they provide high impact versatile long-life signage for the exterior or interior of your building.

What our clients say

Great Looking Signs

We supply & brand quality apparel and provide superb print and promotional products.