Centre City – Award Winning Wayfinding

About This Project

Wayfinding refers to information signs that guide people through a physical environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space.  This was not only our first wayfinding project, but also our first Award at the New Zealand Sign & Display Awards.


Our client approached us during a large renovation of their Shopping Mall. Replacing the dated directory signs was high on the agenda.  After reviewing the environment from all angles, it became apparent that there was a massive lack of signage to help visitors navigate through the centre.


Our team worked closely with the client to develop a comprehensive wayfinding system including

  • Illuminated wayfinding plinths
  • Suspended directory signs
  • Manifestation graphics
  • Lightboxes to highlight the entrances from the carpark
  • Traditional hand painted wall graphics (carpark)


Although this is an older job (2014), this wayfinding project for Centre City Shopping Centre shaped the way we as a sign business view environments and plan wayfinding systems. Future Grafix has become a leader in this space and have developed a strong wayfinding portfolio over the years, most recently completing the wayfinding system for New Plymouth Airport


While rolling out the wayfinding, we also worked with the client to identify key spaces inside and out that could be used to display large seasonal lifestyle images used in other external marketing and advertising. We did this through the use of removable printed wallpaper, large printed window graphics and 2 very clever billboard systems.


Everything came together to deliver a fresh relaxed shopping experience for their visitors.


Lifestyle images my Mark Harris

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