Pikopiko – 3D Illuminated Planter Box Sign

About This Project

Working with Pikopiko’s existing logo, we developed this 3D illuminated feature sign.

We wanted to incorporate a planter box into the sign, so they could use real indoor ferns and other plants to bring the sign to life and tie in with the garden centre theme. This also gives the sign a living element and whole other dimension.


We purchased a shallow planter tray and then designed the sign around that. To help bring the sign in-line with the natural timber interior and surroundings, we used Jourbet Gaboon plywood. The letters were router cut from the same ply, and then we rebated green neon flex into the back of each letter and the back of the round disc in front of the planter to create a cool green light wash effect, and tie into the green lighting around the bar. We simplified the artwork down to a 1 colour and used our laser to mark the patterns and shading into the plywood. The plywood is then sealed with a waterbased urethane to protect it from dirty marks, and water staining from watering the plants. The whole structure is tied together with an aluminium frame, and then wrapped in a black ACM shroud to finish.


Our customer and ourselves are thrilled with the end result, it fits perfectly in the environment, looks great during the day, and even better at night!


We were thrilled to pick up both a Silver and Bronze Medal for this project at the 2021 New Zealand Sign & Display Awards.

Bronze in the Dimensional Signs category, and Silver in the Illuminated Signs category.


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