Sign Panels


Temporary Sign Panels

These are great for applications such as construction site boards, promotional marketing, point of sale, events, real estate and so much more. Using our UV Flatbed printer, We can print directly to Corflute, palight (foam PVC), foamboard, rigid PVC, polypropylene, ACM, plywood, cardboard and many other paper-based, recyclable and environmentally friendly products. The UV ink forms a layer on the surface of the substrate that is resistant to fading for 18-24 months outdoors and 5+ years indoors.


  • Wide range of substrate options
  • The direct print process uses less power and reduces CO2 emissions
  • More cost-effective (Removes the non-recyclable vinyl film and mounting labour costs from your project)
  • Environmentally friendly options are available

Permanent Sign Panels

These are great for applications where you want a longer life expectancy from your message. You may use these for similar applications as above, but rather than printing direct to the substrate, we print onto self-adhesive vinyl, laminate it and then mount that to the panel. This way we can extend the life significantly (7+ years in some cases). More often than not, these signs would be on ACM as most other substrates have short term life expectancies.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Single or double-sided options
  • High UV resistance / Long-lasting

Future Grafix has a strong focus on bringing sustainable and greener solutions to the market.
Our range of high quality and unique products are sourced from leading manufacturers to complement your business and help you to achieve your marketing goals, whether that’s meeting a price point, or reducing waste.

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