Stratford Library – Bespoke Fabric Lightbox

About This Project

This project is a few years old, but it is an interesting one, because at the time there wasn’t an off the shelf solution in New Zealand for a fabric silicone edge tensioned graphic lightbox.


We were engaged by BOON for this project. We looked at their drawings and the space, and recommended fabric faces for this internal lightbox. We wanted to use fabric as the soft face gives a much nicer aesthetic for interior environments. We just had to work out, how to put a tv in the middle of it, and how to illuminate it without blowing the budget.


We started with an off the shelf aluminium profile for tensioned graphics, and then fabricated an aluminium frame to hold it out from the wall. We created a light tray to house the lighting system, and then cut an ACM Trim to run around the outside edge before painting it all satin black.  The graphics were printed and sewn and then we went to site and installed it.


We picked up a Bronze Medal at the 2017 New Zealand Sign & Display Awards in the Illuminated Signs Category for our work on this project.


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