Bugs, an Awesome Museum Experience

About This Project

Bugs, our backyard Heroes has proven to be Puke Ariki’s most popular exhibition ever bringing in more than 65,000 people.

The exhibition was so popular in fact that is has been since been exhibited at several other museums around New Zealand.


The centre piece of the exhibition is the spinning cube interactive where visitors can turn the cubes individually to reveal facts about bugs or complete a large puzzle.

One of the major considerations around exhibition design is always safety. The Cubes needed to be rounded so no one gets injured on sharp edges and the gaps between the cubes had to be large enough that no one could jam their hand between them.  Our team fabricated the cubes, spinning mechanisms and signwriting on the interactive.


Future Grafix also produced other interactive’s and a stack of really bright fun graphic elements including:


  • Printed wallpaper graphics
  • CNC Router Cut Plywood Forensic Interactive with printed vinyl graphics (and custom machined bushes)
  • Giant Snail Plywood floor platform puzzle and floor graphics
  • Flatbed printed hexagonal hinged interactive game panels and house structure
  • Plywood spinning wheel interactive game
  • Vinyl wrapped graphic display panels
  • Flatbed Printed plywood graphic panels
  • Hexagonal shelving unit and graphics
  • Backlit Tracing Table
  • ACM Fabricated boxed wall images
  • Acrylic voting boxes


The awesome space was designed by the exhibitions team at Puke Ariki.

The joinery including the structure that houses the cubes was built by Vogue Kitchens.

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