Puke Ariki – An Effective Wayfinding Sign Package

About This Project

Our client had identified a strong need to help their visitors find their way around the Museum and Library. They needed a sign solution that would stand out in a busy environment, be pleasing on the eye, long lasting, simple to read, easy to update and would effectively guide people through the space.


Our creative team worked in collaboration with our clients in-house graphic designer to develop a full-proof wayfinding system that ticked all these boxes.


This project used a lot of different sign techniques:

  • Traditional hand painted graphics on the walls
  • Vinyl wrapped sign panels on split rails
  • Laser-cut dimensional signage
  • Protruding wall signs
  • Suspended signs
  • Hi-macs acrylic wayfinding plinths (The hero of this project!)


Puke Ariki were thrilled with the results and these awesome collection of signs have proven to be a very Effective Wayfinding Sign Package.

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