Puke Ariki, Prize Wheel

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About This Project

Our problem-solving skills and outside the box approach to projects means we often find ourselves engaged in bespoke items that fall outside the realms of sign and display projects.

Puke Ariki approached us to create a spinning prize wheel for the launch of a new exhibition, Permian Monsters.


To meet their brief, we had to overcome a few design challenges. The finished product had to be sturdy, easy to move, quiet when spinning, easy to reskin for future use and it had to have a static title that could easily be read while in use.


Our design team worked on the look and assembly of the spinning and came up with a concept that placed an axel through an axel.

Once we were confident, our fabrication team got to work.


The result is a well-built, solid prize wheel, with some clever use of off the shelf components to keep the budget in check.  Our sign team ticked every box in the brief, and the product was so well received, that this design has become a product we offer to others.