Voodoo Vinny’s – Burnt Plywood Tavern Sign & Chalkboard

About This Project

When our client first spoke to us about his new Voodoo themed hole-in-the-wall food spot and the style of signs he was wanting, we were excited about the challenge.


He wanted rustic wooden signs on a tight budget. The compact shop front was tucked in the corner of an outdoor food court not easily visible from the entrance. This meant that a protruding tavern sign was going to be the best way to make his shop stand out from the entrance.


Our sign team experimented with different burning techniques and different timber products. Our client selected Birch Ply with a medium burn effect. We engineered a simple steel frame, laminated the burnt ply panels, painted it up and applied some vinyl graphics. The ply offcuts were then used to create a border for the chalkboard in the same style. The chalkboard itself is also birch plywood, coated with blackboard paint and then features an illustration which we printed directly with our UV Flatbed printer.


Techniques used in this project:

  • Steel Fabrication
  • CNC Routing
  • Shou Sugi Ban (Surface charred timber)
  • Cad cut vinyl graphics
  • UV Flatbed printing


The artwork really helps bring it all together, so we must credit the talented Sam Whiteman of Sam Design for this

We love the result, and so does our client, Voodoo Vinny’s!

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